Hello, I am Radu Oprisan

I am one of the co-founders at both Secure Data Systems and Codeline Software. My skills as a developer and information security expert have been key assets in establishing a working relationship with our clients. With that out of the way, I am mostly a hands on guy with a direct approach. If you don't want the truth then I am not your man.

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Company Information

  • Secure Data Systems
    Founded in 2009

    In 2009 I partnered up with Gabriel Mateiciuc to build a company that has, over the past years, provided clients with valuable research, development and implementation of solutions for a variety of business related fields. You can contact Secure Data Systems for any issues related to network architecture, information security, cloud services and operational support.

    Contact e-mail adress: office@s-data.ro

  • Codeline Software
    Founded in 2013

    Built upon a solid relationship with Robert Grozea, Codeline Software handles all projects related to custom software solutions for our customers. The team of professionals over at our company can assist you with the creation of:

    - Development of custom software from scratch;

    - Open source software adaptation to requirements;

    - API & cloud access implementation;

    - Security audit for existing software implementations of front facing services;

    - Performance optimization and assistance in choosing a cloud/hosting provider.

    Contact e-mail adress: office@codelinesoft.ro

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